Sell tickets directly to your buyers

A complete and intuitive ticketing platform that helps event organisers sell tickets directly to their buyers.

Create, manage, sell, check-in and track tickets while enabling a complete ticketing experience.

No ticket fees.

How It Works

1. Define your event and tickets

Easily define your event start-end dates, tickets, promo-codes, and many more.

2. Link your online payment account

Currently Euplatesc, Mobilpay. We're adding more.

3. Paste the code into your event website

This will generate your event shopping-cart for your audience.

4. People buy tickets from your website

And money goes directly to your account.

5. You check-in tickets

Using free mobile app.

Catch the vibe of your event

Control and enjoy every step of your organising process with a bunch of essential functionalities for events that turn into experiences.

Receive money directly

Funds are transferred directly to your bank account. No delays.

Email integration

Customise and send messages to your customers using your preferred email marketing systems.

Sale multiple ticket types easily

Secured payments through most popular payment processors directly into your bank account. You can pay with your debit card, no matter where you are.

Real-time reports

Detailed reports before and after your event in order to organise great events with any occasion.

Customer feedback with no fuss

Stay up to date with your event’s vibe after its closing. Launch your own survey and measure the feedback of your audience.

Intuitive checkout

Easy 3 steps checkout for a simple and accessible buying process for your clients.

An intuitive and useful service for Afterhills and its attendees. It includes everything we need for selling our festival tickets easier.

Liviu Irinescu

CEO, Afterhills

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